Case Studies and Praise

Here are a few extracts from clients about the benefits they have gained through working with Amanda. You can also read many more client testimonials on Linked In

The HR Professional Who Achieved Promotion AND Work Life Balance

“Since working with Amanda I’ve achieved a promotion when I thought my only option was to quit, got my work/ life balance back so I now share taking my children to school and taken action to move a long held dream into reality.  Amanda has believed in me and supported me so I have the confidence to do what I want.”

Catherine Morgan

  The Consultant Who Became a Full Time Accredited Coach

“Amanda helped me to take the plunge and move from consultancy work to becoming a full time accredited coach. I now run a busy referral based coaching practice helping small business owners. I am far more fulfilled and enjoy my work so much more and my travelling time away from home is significantly less.  My own journey continues to unfold into new areas, all of which came from my work with Amanda.”

Georgina Walsh

The Fitness Instructor Whose Classes are “busier than ever” within 3 Weeks of Coaching Session

Wow! This was no ordinary motivational meeting!

 I was looking for someone to help me turn a good, steady business into a great, thriving one. In the space of an hour, Amanda managed to help me clarify my ‘big picture’ – my long term goals and vision for the business (and make me feel excited about it all!); overhaul my Facebook page and my promotional strategy; listen extremely sympathetically and comment wisely on difficulties I was having at home which were getting in the way of my business; and set a series of smaller goals to help me on my way, which I was to be accountable for – I had to get back in touch within a time frame we specified (in my case one week) to discuss how I’d got on since our consultation.

I went from feeling uncertain and confused to extremely motivated and optimistic – and I enjoyed completing all of the tasks on the list!  In the weeks since then my classes have been busier than ever – and this is a quiet time of year, which is incredible! Rather than becoming complacent, however, I feel excited and motivated to keep building the business and moving forward!

Many thanks Amanda – you’re truly inspirational! “

Isobel Pugh

The Marketing Exec Who Took The Plunge, Left Corporate Life and Set Up Her Own Consultancy

“In the last 12 months of being coached by Amanda I have left a successful corporate career to run my own business that I love. I get to spend more time with my little girls without compromising my earnings. And I have run my first half marathon (having not run since school!).  Amanda dares me to dream and then supports me in fulfiling my dreams…THANK YOU AMANDA!!”

Nicola Denny

 The Freelance Writer Who is Earning More Money, Doing Work She Loves

“Amanda is a critical part of my virtual team. With her infectious energy, she has helped me flourish. I now have clarity around many aspects of my business, from positioning, to pricing, to dream clients, and she has encouraged me to be brave and bold. At least part of my success – and happiness – is down to her brilliant coaching.”

Maja Pawinska-Sims

The Sales Director from the City Who Took Redundancy and is Now Running a Successful Consultancy From Home

“I’ve had the huge pleasure of working with Amanda as her client for more than 5 years, during a period of enormous change in my professional life. From full time employee in the City, to transitioning after voluntary redundancy, to a horrible job in the public sector, to working for myself. Amanda has kept me sane, believed in me when I didn’t quite believe in myself, given me courage when I most needed it, inspired me, been my role model, as well as my kick up the arse, has given me wings and helped me to fly.

I know I wouldn’t be where I am today (personally or professionally) without Amanda.”

Lulu Mungur

The Business Development Manager Whose Performance at Work Has Rocketed

“As a Mum to 4 children, I chose to work with Amanda because she really understood what it means to be a mum as well as a busy professional.

Amanda helped me identify what is really important to me and what I really want to do. This has completely changed the way I look at things and given me a fresh outlook.

During the time I worked with Amanda she helped me achieve excellent results both at home and at work: My director regularly commented on how I had changed.
Working with Amanda has been wonderful, exciting and really challenging.”

Alex Terry, ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales)

The TV Executive Who Has Regained Confidence After Returning to Work

“I started coaching sessions with Amanda because I was deeply unhappy with having to return to work after maternity leave and faced career upheaval and possible redundancy with a company restructure. I felt torn about leaving my child, uncertain about the future, and I totally lacked self-confidence in the workplace after being at home for a year. I felt it was important to explore my options before making any irreversible decisions.

Coaching has given me a quiet space to review my life and work out what makes me feel happy and secure, and a renewed confidence in my skills and abilities. I feel happy again and with the decisions I’ve made….the choices I have made since coaching have been well-informed ones and all positive. And I feel that I’m doing the best I possibly can in my home life and at work, and that I don’t have to be perfect.”

Tania Nott, BBC

The Mum to Be of Twins Who Has Solved the Issue of How to Achieve Her Business Goals

“I am currently expecting twins in the summer and am facing a dilemma of what to do with my business from the time that my children arrive to when they go to school and beyond. I have been running my business for 5 years and it is very successful and so I really did not want to give this all up; on the other hand I also don’t want to miss out on my children growing up as I am only too aware that you don’t get this time back.

It was great to be able to talk through my issues, concerns and possible solutions with Amanda who was unbiased and didn’t judge – this to me was very important as friends and family always seem to have a view on what is best! The whole process was very empowering and was a little bit like talking out loud, Amanda helped me find the solution that I am most comfortable with and work out a way that I could communicate that with my husband and family to win their support.

Since speaking with Amanda I have put the plan that she and I agreed into action and my husband is totally supportive. I am working with my team to ensure that long term I can achieve my goals of a fulfilled and happy life for both me and my new family.”

Sarah Tinsley

“Instantly feeling positive about work and home”

“I’m so amazed how I changed from having worries and negative thoughts to having a good feeling about how I will approach my new job regarding work life balance. And this happened in only 30 minutes!!!”

DK from Denmark

“Ignited passion in me for the first time in a long while”

“I started working with you a year ago. Back then I was sad, lost, frustrated and couldn’t see where to turn. With your advice the way forward became not only clearer, but full of light and excitement.

A year on, I have resigned from a successful 20 year career, started my own business, built my own website from scratch (#veryproud) and ignited passion in me for the first time in a long while.

So thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Holly Ashford

“Helping me through an exhausting transition”

“Amanda….enables her clients … to believe once again in themselves, their own abilities, potential and needs. Amanda helped me at a time when I was an exhausted mum to two young children, on maternity leave from a demanding job that at one time had filled many hours of my life. I was feeling tired and confused about the change in my life and what the future was to be. I knew what I wanted but my mind and heart were fighting and struggling against each other, as well as the past versus future … Amanda helped me to document my needs… (she) believed in me and my potential and zest for life, when I wasn’t able to believe in myself”.

Gail Bennett

“Still working hard yet 100% content in all areas of my life”

“For the first time in a long long time, probably since I got married, I feel 100% content with my life – in all areas of my life: in my relationship with my husband, as a Mum, at work, embarking on my new career, my friends, and my family; what more could I want! … I can now look myself in the mirror with total confidence and feel proud of me and of what I’m doing with my life. I no longer feel life is passing me by. As a result of this there have been huge benefits!

– I’m still working long hours but I don’t feel stressed because the difference now is I know what I want, why I want it and I’m doing what I want.

  • I have more energy
  • My relationship with my husband is back to what it was like when we married
  • My relationships in general are better because I’m more relaxed and am making the time for other people I’m more open to letting other people in.
  • I’m still doing the same ‘stuff’ as before but I’m finding time to make time for the really important things in life my family and friends…. I’m living my dreams. Thank you Amanda.”

Jennifer Baker

“I have had a marvelous year, I have really grown. I am less negative, more effective with my time, more confident and very happy”

Jo Linley

“You made a huge difference to my life as a mummy, helped to catch and focus some of my “mushy head” ideas and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services!”

S Burnett

“Before coaching: a nervous wreck! During coaching: tentatively in transition. Result: a whole new me”

Laura Ginesi

“I have found some focus at last. Thank you Amanda for being non judgmental and for giving me a sense of direction.“

Maxine Robertson

“She helped me to focus on me and prioritise what was important in my life. She made me feel a valued individual again”

D Chilton

A Few Comments From Amanda’s Workshops:

“I certainly for one am very inspired and feel very motivated to follow through on a whole range of actions”

Helen Slater, delegate

“Thank you for a wonderful day today, what a fabulous concept and an essential one for all mums!”

JS, delegate

“Just wanted to thank you for a truly fantastic day. It was such a relief to take part in such an informal, fun and very informative session with such amazing people. So a huge thanks. When is the next one ?!?!”

Susanna Kelly, delegate

“To say it was an inspiration is an understatement!”

S. Woodhead, delegate

These are just a handful of my testimonials.  If you’d like to read more, please review many testimonials on Linked In

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