Programmes and Services

Welcome to my Programmes and Services Page! On this page you’ll find a very brief overview of the programmes and services we offer, with links to more detailed descriptions of each.

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I work with my clients in a few specific ways.  My programmes and services have evolved over the past 13+ years of coaching and training to suit both my private and corporate clients, different learning styles and budgets of all sizes.

Quite simply, if you have read this far and you want to work with me, then there is probably something to suit your requirements here!

Overview of Amanda’s Programmes and Services


Stepping Up is a a powerful coaching programme for brilliant women who haven’t QUITE realised just how brilliant they are!  It is for you if you want to “get out of your own way”. Stepping Up was born of frustration (any James’ fans out there?!)   My frustration – or is it exasperation? –  comes from seeing far too many women holding themselves back, because they doubt themselves, lack self-belief and worry far too much about what others think.
The Stepping Up 8-week programme will accelerate your path to self-belief,  super-charge your confidence and develop your resilience. Ultimately, this coaching programme is about setting you up for the success you deserve but never dared reach for. Until now!

If you want to “Step Up” with a smile on your face and the words “Hell Yeah!” on your lips, click here to find out when the next Stepping Up programme is open for enrollment. 

The Success Club

What if you could learn how to advance your career or grow your business, get coaching from to one of the UK’s Top Coaches  and become a member of an exclusive network of other high-flying, supportive and friendly women?

All for a much lower investment than you’d imagine? Well, you can. It’s called The Success Club and it’s my most cost-effective service.  The Success Club is the perfect entry level to coaching. You’ll get to get access to me, build up your personal and professional development toolkit and most of all, become part of a great online network of supportive women.  Incredible value for money!

Click here to find out more about the Success Club

Training and Workshops

If you are visiting this website in an HR/L&D/Diversity and Inclusion/People Development role, or as the Chair of your organisation’s Women’s Professional Network, then please visit my Training and Workshops page.  You might be looking for a Leadership Coach to support a mid to senior level executive, or you might be looking for a great speaker for one of your lunchtime learning events.

Click here to learn how I can help you to inspire and motivate your talented female employees 

Personal Success Coaching

I work over the phone, Skype and occasionally face to face with a very limited number of clients. These clients either engage with me directly or via company sponsorship.  My private coaching programmes are for women who recognise the power of investing in one to one coaching and who are serious about transforming their personal vision of success into reality.

Click here to learn about my private coaching programmes for professional women

Mentor Coaching (for Coaches)

My coaching programmes for coaches are unique. You won’t find another Mentor Coach who offers you their full Coaching Toolkit and Resource Library as part of their coaching package. I offer 2 paths for Coaches, depending on your objectives – development of your coaching skills or building your coaching practice.  I keep just 2 or 3 select places open for coaches at any one time!

Click here to learn about my mentor coaching programmes for up and coming coaches