Is This You?

We work with professional women who want to get out of their own way and get on with achieving the kind of success that those who love them know they are capable of.

Most of my clients are high achieving women, although they don’t always admit to it publicly! They are in professions such as Project Management, Academia, Law, Human Resources, Health Service Management. My independent professional clients run businesses such as freelance writing services, coaching, training and scientific consultancy.

Typically, my clients are highly experienced and well regarded in their field, focused on making an impact or a contribution.

Where these brilliant women struggle is aligning their inner confidence with their outer “confident” persona. And they are usually so busy trying to over-achieve that they lack the clear headspace to focus on their own “big picture”.

Do any of the following scenarios fit your situation?

You want to focus on the future and get out of a rut – it might even be quite a comfortable rut. You want to realise your potential and eliminate your fear of failure. Or your fear of success. You want to get to grips with it and get rid of it once and for all.

You lack self-confidence (even though she may be VERY good at presenting a confident facade) and you get frustrated and overwhelmed because often, you can’t meet your own self-imposed high standards – in work and in your personal life.

You are fed up with playing small. You recognise your own patterns of getting stuck in a vicious circle of being busy and not having time or energy to create a plan for a more exciting and fulfilling future. You’re ready to take a deep breath and leap, but you need someone to hold your hand and guide you to the bounciest bit of the net!

You have recently been acknowledged and commended for your performance or for a particular achievement and you realise that you are in fact capable of even more! You have an inkling of opportunities just over the horizon and you instinctively feel that now is the time is right to expand that horizon.

You want to set up on your own after many years of corporate employment. However, you’re not quite sure how to do that and maintain a reasonable level of income so that the mortgage still gets paid! Often what’s really holding you back, when all is said and done, is simply your own confidence in your abilities.

You’re about to take the leap into self-employment and use your skills as a consultant, coach or trainer. You have the training and experience to make a difference with your clients but you really have no idea where to start with marketing your services.

You are what is known as a “high flyer” but you have an even bigger dream. You recognise that although you have been successful, you want to make a bigger contribution in the World. You don’t need someone to help you with your direction -you know exactly where you want to go. But you DO need someone who believes you can do it (because you’re not always quite sure yourself!), who will keep you going during the dips and co-create strategies for obstacle-zapping.

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, please read on. You’re in the right place. There is help for you here.

My clients fall into one of these categories:

Professional Women:

Accountants, academics, IT Managers, Solicitors, Health Care Managers, Engineers, Sales Directors, HR Managers, L&D Managers, Marketing, Buying, Resource Managers… and many more!

Solo Professionals:

Women who are considering transitioning to self employment or who is an established solo professional. These are people who sell their expertise as a service: Freelance writers, trainers, technical consultants, marketing consultants, web designers, Public Relations consultants…


Coaches seeking supervision and/or mentor coaching. I work with coaches who have high integrity and who know they are capable of transforming clients’ lives, but who need guidance and direction in designing a client-attracting, profitable practice.

Coaches who want to fine-tune their coaching skills and grow their confidence as coaches.

Coaches who want to learn to coach to a high standard in accordance with ICF (International Coach Federation) core competencies and achieve accreditation.

Companies and Organisations that Value Talented Women

You want to inspire, motivate and retain the talented women within your organisation. You recognise that your most precious resources are the individuals within your company and you want to help those people to feel valued. You don’t see this as a “nice to have”: Rather, you are fully informed of the impact on the bottom line when you implement talent retention strategies. You are seeking a Speaker and Workshop Leader with a “Coach approach” and the ability to create a positive impact on your delegates that lasts far beyond the event.

Who is most likely to succeed when we work together?

My clients generally share the following characteristics and values. If these strike a chord, you and I will probably work extremely well together!

  • Good at communicating and fostering great relationships and you value connection and people at all levels. You see people as individuals rather than putting them in collective boxes.
  • Committed to leaving a positive contribution to the World in your own way. This doesn’t mean you’re aspiring to be like Mother Theresa, but you do recognise that you are here to add, rather than detract. If you have children, this will naturally flow through to your parenting values.
  • High standards of professionalism. You are open to being the very best in your field.
  • High integrity – You strive to do the right thing and to add value to your own stakeholders and clients.
  • Hard worker – committed to success – You are determined and willing to keep going, even when you have moments of fantasising about giving up and taking the easy path!
  • You have an innate love of life and a curiosity for the wider World. Even though you’re an adult, you still know what it is to have a childlike sense of wonderment.
  • Willing to stretch outside of your comfort zone.
  • Warm and open, not cold and withdrawn.
  • Understand the power of collaboration and mutual support networks. You understand that “lucky” people are people who are curious, open and continually learning.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously – or at least you’re willing to be reminded on occasion!
  • Willing to invest in yourself and your career or business – You know that this is the best investment of all.

If you fit the profile above, you almost certainly have what it takes to be successful in achieving your goals.

I’ve helped thousands of professional women like you to make huge leaps in their career and businesses…..

Now that you know the kind of clients I work with, the things I help them achieve and what my clients need to do to maximise their chances of success, click on this link to learn more about How We Work.