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How to Get In Touch With Amanda Alexander

I hope you have found the information on this website valuable. If you would like to get in touch you are welcome to contact me about:

Questions about my programmes and servicesI’ll get right back to you.

Testimonials and results:  I love hearing news from former clients; let me know how you’re getting on!

Ideas and resources: I’m happy to hear from you.

Suggestions for improvement: If you notice a typo, let me know and I’ll put it right! Want to read about something in particular on the blog? Feel free to drop me an email!

Email and Telephone Contact

You can contact me by phone +44 (0)7739 692989 or by email:  amandaATamandaalexanderDOTcom

Enquire About Engaging Amanda as Your Coach

Is this you?  If you are a professional woman and you want to ditch the self-doubt and stop holding yourself back, then chances are, I can help you to get out of your own way and get on with achieving that big goal or dream that you have never quite reached.

As a Coach of over 13 years experience, I have worked with hundreds of people over the World.  Whilst my speciality is in working with professional women and solopreneur professionals, I will consider working with you if you do not strictly fit under this heading.

If you’re interested in the possibility of me helping you achieve your goals FAST, then your next step is to book a Chemistry Call.

What’s a Chemistry Call?

For me, coaching is such an important and effective engagement that the “chemistry” between coach and coachee has to work. Coaching with me is also an investment of your time, energy and money and I want you to to be more than comfortable about “what” you are investing in – I want you to be excited and raring to make impactful changes in your life, career or business.

For this reason, I never take on a client unless I am sure that I can work with you wholeheartedly. A Chemistry Call is a phone call or Skype call where we spend at least an hour talking about YOU and your dreams and goals. I offer chemistry calls free of charge to people who are seriously interested in having me help them achieve their biggest goals.  I want us  both to be clear about the outcomes of us working together.

I want you to come off your Chemistry Call feeling enthusiastic and excited about getting started working with me. If you don’t, then either coaching isn’t for you right now, or you haven’t found the right coach! I refer coachees on to a trusted associate or colleague if I feel that we are not a compatible match.

When you contact me to schedule a Chemistry Call, remember that the focus of our time will be YOU, not me! Whilst I can tell you about how we might work together, my qualifications etc etc you can read this in the brochure that I will send you. During our chemistry call, I want to find out what your biggest goals or craziest dreams are, what your blockers are and find out what “Wow!” would look like in your life and work!

How to Book a Chemistry Call

You are welcome to either email me, call me or complete the form below.

Email: amandaATamandaalexanderDOTcom
Phone: +44(0)7739 692989

Enquiries about Workshops, Keynotes and Corporate Coaching Programmes

If you are an HR-related professional or the Head of your organisation’s Professional Network and you’d like to chat to Amanda to see how she can help you encourage, motivate and educate your members, please call on +44 (0)7739 692989.  If you haven’t already done so, please read this page to discover Amanda’s approach.

Or, if you prefer, you can contact Amanda using the form below:

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