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Success coaching for brilliant women who want fulfilment, fun and freedom.

I have a 20-year history of helping my clients to achieve success and fulfilment Not one or the other, but both!
You want to thrive in every area of your life and you want to feel fulfilled and successful on your own terms.  But maybe you doubt yourself, compare yourself to others or set your expectations so high that you can’t possibly achieve them.
I get a kick out of seeing brilliant people step up and achieve their potential and living full out. 


If you want to make a career transition,  particularly if you want to work in a way that gives you more freedom and financial success , then you’ve found the right Coach!


I wouldn’t be where I am today without Amanda. Over the years we’ve worked together she has helped me get clear about what I really want in life, lent me courage when I had none, and believed in me when I most needed it. She has pushed, pulled, supported and inspired me, making it easier to take the actions needed to reach my goals. My life has transformed.

Lulu Mungur


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