The Success Club

Success Club for Professional Women

What if you could learn how to advance your career or grow your business, get coaching from to one of the UK’s Top Coaches and become a member of an exclusive network of other high-flying, supportive and friendly women?

All for a much lower investment than you’d imagine? Well, you can. It’s called:

The Success Club

The Club, established in 2013 is for women who want to be successful and happy in their careers and in their lives.  It consists of: 

1. A monthly masterclass to build up your professional and personal development library. Here are a few examples of previous masterclasses:

  • How to be successful in your career
  • How to recognise barriers to your own growth
  • Developing resilience for innovation and growth
  • Dealing with negative feedback at work
  • How not to divorce your husband!
  • Decluttering your home for a simpler life
  • How to promote your value at work

2. The opportunity to build valuable connections and get support, connect and collaborate to build your career or business and seek advice from successful, friendly and like-minded women.  You don’t need to put your make up on or travel as we are a global group of professional women that “meets” via a secret group on Facebook.  The members provide so much invaluable support to each other that it  is probably the BEST thing about Success Club!

3. Get regular career, business or life coaching and advice from one of the UK’s Top Coaches – Amanda Alexander. Success Club members get access to a live “drop in” monthly coaching call.

4. Amanda’s Online Success Coaching Programme.  You’ll get my best coaching tools and techniques that I’ve been using with my clients over the past 13 years.  The most successful women will tell you that the first thing you need to do to set yourself up for a successful career is to know yourself.  And that is exactly where we’l start with your online  coaching programme.   Each of the 12 modules will give your more confidence, more clarity and more focus.

Here’s how it works

First of all, I won’t go into a long story about why successful women have their own Coach and network with other successful women. You already know that. You’re a manager, an Academic, a Solicitor, an Engineer or an Independent Professional but you know you don’t give as much attention to your own personal and professional development as you should.

Are you holding yourself back? You understand the importance of taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture of your life, you completely “get” the value learning and personal development, But it’s easy for the important things like that to get pushed to the bottom of your “to do” list when the urgent things shout loudest.

And that’s bothering you. You know you could achieve even more and you know that you could learn things to make your hectic life simpler, healthier, and more manageable. But even more important, you were brought up to believe that you could achieve anything, but you constantly doubt yourself. And this means you waste a lot of energy and you kick yourself for not stepping up more.

So what’s the solution to this situation?

What you need is more clarity.

These five things are at the very core of your success. They are the most important things you need to learn and live your life to your maximum potential.

  1. Know what’s really important to you, so that you can get absolute clarity on your personal vision of successful (rather than someone else’s definition)
  2. Understand your core values, so that you can stay focused on your direction and not get distracted by comparing yourself to others
  3. Confidence to be able to stretch beyond your comfort zone. Because nothing ever changes if you carry on doing the same thing expecting different results.
  4. Support and encouragement from positive, like-minded women. When you have a goal, it can be like a delicate flower – easily crushed by other people. When that happens, you need a counter-balance of cheerleaders who believe in you.
  5. Self-belief . Because you know that this is where it all starts – and where it all gets stuck if you don’t have it!

That’s all you need. Everything else will fall into place.


“The Club has given me access to the most amazing group of supportive and non-judgmental women who have encouraged and empowered me to be the best version of ‘me’ that I can be.”
Karen O’Hanlon, Blue Duck Consulting


Amandaheadinhands-2Let me introduce myself. I’m Amanda Alexander, a Coach for professional women since 2003. I’ve worked with thousands of clients and programme participants to help them be more confident, more effective leaders, happier women and to achieve the success they weren’t even sure they could attain.


I’m one of few Coaches in the World to have achieved prestigious PCC status with the ICF (International Coach Federation).

Prior to becoming a Coach, I spent 10 years in the corporate world, as a jet-setting Project Manager in the IT industry. And before that I spent far too long at University collecting degrees (I have a double honours in Modern Languages and a Masters in Computing, in case you’re interested!)

I’m a “go to” expert in the media and have been cited as one of the UK’s Top Life Coaches by The Daily Mail.

I work with individuals and organisations such as HSBC, Sage Software, Co-operative Bank, Allianz, Royal Bank of Scotland, Nat West and Chester University to name a few of my recent contracts.

Over the years I’ve coached many women individually. But my most cost-effective and popular programme has been “FaB”.

However, for most of my clients and club members, one of the most important things I bring to my coaching is empathy. I am “someone who gets it”.

Let’s get personal: I am a Mum of two boys (and a third four-legged “boy”, a gorgeous labradoodle. I am a Coach, Trainer and Business Owner. I do not have a husband at home who shares the load – I’m separated, soon to be divorced. I am in a long-distance relationship. Life is quite full!

Why am I telling you this stuff? Because I want you to know that I get it! I know first hand about the juggling act, the balancing act, keeping guilt gremlins at bay, maintaining resilience, going through transition, fitting it all in, wanting to achieve more, the nature of uncertainty, self-doubt, financial security and all the rest of it.

I don’t think you can be a Masterful Coach without having truly live and acquiring a few scars along the way! I walk my talk: I live a rich and full life. I invest in myself, I learn, I get curious. I live my life with courage and in alignment with my own values.

I want you to know that I don’t stand on a pedestal. However, I do know how to live a life worth living. And I want to make sure you are doing that, too. I don’t believe in challenging my clients to be courageous and stretch outside of their comfort zones if I’m not prepared to do the same myself.


A Time-Bound Coaching Programme is Not Enough

I first ran the Success Club as a 3-month coaching programme called FaB in 2009. After running FaB several times, it became a 6-month programme. However, I realized that, even though participants reported great results, they really needed continuity of support to keep them moving forwards with their goals and dreams.

So, in 2013, I changed the format of FaB from a short coaching programme to a club, so that the women who were getting such huge benefits from the format could continue to get the ongoing support.

Think of the Success Club like a gym – it’s no good going for a few weeks and then doing nothing. If you don’t use it, you lose it!


Here’s the Real Issue

You probably KNOW what you need to do more of, what you need to STOP doing and what you need to START doing to achieve your potential.

life can be manic for professional womenBut life can be manic. It gets in the way. Kids need feeding and attention, parents get ill, teams get cut, and workloads seem to increase weekly. All the while technology runs our lives and seems to demand we go faster and faster.

If I asked you to score yourself on a scale of 0-10 on investing in yourself, how would you score?And by investing in yourself, I mean investing in your own talent, attitude and confidence. I’m not talking about getting your hair cut or getting your nails done. I’m talking about the “inner” stuff that makes you feel more confident, more assertive, less stressed, more able to manage the ups and downs of 21st century life, less overwhelmed… The investment in you that makes you a nicer woman to live with!

I’m guessing that investing in YOU probably gets pushed down your list of priorities, right?


What you need is support to move forward.

What you put your focus on tends to grow. If you put a little time and focus on YOU, your success and your ability to cope with this manic world would grow dramatically.

Many women avoid investing in their own development because “now is not quite the right time”. I’ve heard it so often – there’s something going on in your life that you need to finish. THEN you’ll get round to doing your CV, networking, taking that course, making time for your daily yoga, your 5 minutes meditation, your twice-weekly run… and all the other things you know will make a difference WHEN you get past this next thing.

Ultimately, that time never comes. You need something to get the momentum rolling so that you become more likely to say “Yes I can” rather than “I’ll get round to that tomorrow”.

Perhaps you’re thinking of hiring a Coach. If you find a masterful coach who understands how much you’ve got on your plate and how to get the most out of you, you’ll get best bang for your buck, because a good coach will get you to access your own brilliance – fast, not just tell you what to do.

And if you can afford a professional Coach, I’d highly recommend it. I still offer this kind of coaching to a handful of clients. But personal success coaching can be expensive. If you can invest £1k to £5K ($1.5K to $7.5K), it can be a very good investment.

But for many people, a Coach is out of reach.


So what do you do?

Well, you can consider The Success Club. I take a very personal approach and the Club is very affordable. Many women are getting the support needed within the Success Club to reach for more than they ever dared before in their life outside of work and in work.

In the Success Club, I’ve put support and your personal and professional development at the forefront.

Why? Because that’s what gets you moving forward. Even if you don’t know all the answers, when you learn a great new tip for managing your time, being more assertive, managing difficult people, eating more healthily, getting better sleep, being more daring, you can start to implement that tip. And then you learn another, and another…

And in the Success Club, you’ll learn plenty! That’s the learning bit. When you want to create and implement a new habit, that’s when you need the support. When you get the support and encouragement to take action, it’s a lot easier to get started.


professional networking for womenThe Success Club Support System

The Success Club is part professional & personal development library and part network & peer support.

I designed the Success Club for professional women like you, who want to bounce ideas around with like-minded women whilst also building up a fantastic library of personal and professional development strategies.

The Success Club provides much needed support for women who are trying to “do it all” and wondering if they can keep up with the pace.

Overview of The Success Club Content

  • The Amazing Network

    The Club has become a hugely supportive community– a mine of information and knowledge where you can ask virtually any question and get brilliant answers. It’s a place to ask for help, to brainstorm, to bounce ideas around, get contacts and to share your successes and challenges. There is nowhere else “online” quite like it. And it’s also a very friendly community. Which fits in with my values of connecting people. This is at the heart of my Coaching philosophy.

  • The Success Club Online Coaching Programme

    Once you join, I’ll give you exclusive access to monthly Coach Yourself Self-Development Modules.

    You’ll automatically get access to a new module each month for the first 12 months of your membership in the Club. In each monthly Coach Yourself lesson, I have “translated” the core content of some of the best coaching strategies I have used to help my clients (and myself) over the past 13 years.

    Each Coach Yourself Module allows you to work on YOU, in your own time. You have online access to them for the duration of your membership. You will be able to read and listen to each core foundation lesson online or you can print it off to take away if you prefer. Each lesson includes a short podcast or video to listen to or watch if you prefer to learn this way.

    You will find powerful coaching questions in each module so that you can raise your awareness and get rid of the blockers that are holding you back. You will get downloadable worksheets, resources and tips.

    The Coach Yourself Modules are designed to help move you forward with topics such as:

    * Getting to know who you really are
    * Getting clear on what’s important to you so that you can make better decisions
    * Simple ways of building up your energy reserves and how to keep them topped up
    * Steering your way through a busy life without losing your cool

    In summary, you’ll get my best coaching tools and techniques that I’ve used to achieve significant positive changes with my personal clients. Each Coach Yourself Module is an essential foundation for your own personal and professional self-development.

  • The Monthly Coaching Calls with Me, Amanda Alexander

    This is your opportunity to get LIVE access to me. Once a month, I host a “drop in” coaching call. I schedule these calls usually at lunchtime UK time (usually 12.30pm or 1pm). If you attend, you have a good chance of getting a spot of hot seat coaching by me if you want it. So if you have something that is making you “stuck” we can give you a nudge and a boost to get you unstuck.

  • The Monthly Masterclasses that Accelerate Your Self-Development

    The Club Master Classes address the things that YOU want to learn about and they are delivered in a format that gives you full flexibility for your learning. I always give you the option to attend each masterclass live – and to get your own questions answered. Can’t make it live? No problem! You’ll get a recording of the masterclass within 24 hours of the live version.

    Have you ever subscribed to a monthly magazine and felt a little frisson of excitement when it lands on your doormat? That’s how you’ll feel each month when a new masterclass recording lands each month!


    Here are Some of our Previous Success Club Masterclasses to give you an idea of what you can look forward to.

    You’ll see that these masterclasses are carefully tailored with you in mind. They cover the things that you WANT to learn about as a professional woman with a non-stop life!

  • How to grow your Self-Belief
  • How to Avoid Overwhelm and Burnout
  • How to Promote your Value at Work
  • How to Find and Fix the Beliefs That Are Keeping You Stuck
  • How to Get Clarity and Get Focused
  • Improve your Presentation Skills
  • Happy Hormones! How to Be Happy, Healthy and Slim at 35+
  • Deal with Negative Feedback at Work
  • Re-balance your Life
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • How to Use Linked In for Career Growth
  • Simplify Your Life
  • How to Maximise your Energy
  • De-Clutter and Feel Calmer
  • How to Grow your Resilience
  • How to Set Great Goals
  • How to Get More Focused
  • Know and Understand Yourself Better
  • How NOT to Divorce your Husband (!)
  • How to Dress for Success
  • Coping with Transitions in Your Life
  • Understand your Strengths
  • How to be More Confident
  • How to be Less Busy and More Productive 

Here’s a Summary of the Club Benefits


  1. This Club is exclusively for professional and independent professional women.

    This means you become part of a strong and immensely supportive network. People who are successful and happy always have the right support around them.

  2. The Club has been tested and proven to work.

    The club has been running for almost 2 ½ years. It’s based on the group coaching structure that I created many years ago as a programme originally for working mums and which I have refined and improved over 13 years. I listen to my clients and I fine tune the Club accordingly. And the Club will continue to evolve and improve to meet its members’ needs.

  3. I am totally involved with the Club.

    I love this Club and I love speaking to YOU! I coach you on our calls, I research and interview masterclass experts, I write the coach yourself modules, I answer your questions, celebrate the good times and am there for you to “be heard” in a safe and warm environment during the bad times. So when you join the Success Club, you get me and my 13+ years of coaching experience and 10+ years of experience as a professionally employed woman myself.

  4. I am committed to your success.

    This is not a sideline to me! I live, eat, breathe and sleep coaching! I have a rich and full life aside from coaching of course :), but there’s not a day goes by that my “Coach radar” isn’t tuned to looking out for ways to support you.

  5. The Club is immensely affordable.

    I created the Club because there many of my email subscribers who either couldn’t afford my coaching fees or who simply need a less intense level of support than that offered with 1-1 coaching. The value you are getting each month is much more than the monthly subscription. In fact, this is the most cost-effective way of getting access to me. My coaching clients pay £250 for a coaching call as part of their coaching packages.

  6. You will get results.

    This format works. If you use the Success Club, it will help you to achieve more success! It might be an “aha!” moment you gain from a 10 minute coaching conversation with me. It might be after implementing just one of the gems from a masterclass. It might be getting a contact or resource from one of your fellow Success Club members. It might be when you post on the forum when you feel like giving up and you get help to keep going. I get emails and messages on the forum from Club members telling me that they have implemented one thing they have learnt or that one piece of advice they have got has acted like a domino effect.

Here’s How to Join the Success Club

As I said, you’ll get a LOT for a small monthly investment!  And as long as you’re a paying member you have access to everything in the Club from the moment you join.

The Success Club is available to new members for a limited period for just £33 per month.  The monthly membership will increase on 1st October 2015 to £47, so join now and benefit from low monthly membership of £33 for as long as you remain a member.

Click here to join the Success Club at just £33 per month


Frequently Asked Questions About The Success Club

Q – Who is Amanda Alexander and why is she qualified to run this Club?

ASince 2003 Amanda has worked with professional women to help them achieve success whilst still maintaining a sense of balance between work, life and family. She’s offered coaching, led workshops and online training programmes and mentor coached many other coaches. In 2013, she took all of her best materials and put it into FaB Club and made professional coaching affordable for everyone. FaB Club has developed since then and is now know n as the Success Club.

Q – What if I can’t attend any of the coaching calls or masterclasses live?

AYou’ll be in good company – 90% of Club members don’t attend the calls live. They wait for the recording. I vary the days of the calls but they most of the time you will find they are scheduled Monday to Wednesday lunchtimes. We have found this to be the best time for most members, as they can usually nip out and find somewhere quiet.
For the coaching calls, you can either:
  • Attend live if you are free at the time of the call (members receive a call schedule and reminders so they can mark the calls in their diary)
  • Submit a question or issue that you’d like me to cover during the call via our Facebook group if you can’t make it to the call live. Then listen to the recording.
  • Wait for the recording, download it to your mp3 player and listen to it in your own time.

For the masterclasses, we always leave time at the end for questions. So if you want to attend the masterclass live, you can ask questions. If you have a question but you can’t be on the call, you can submit a question in advance. And as all of my masterclass experts are friendly, generous people, they always allow members to contact them directly afterwards if they have more questions. However, the masterclasses in particular are designed to be self-contained learning modules that you can listen to or watch in your own time.

Q – A coaching call and a masterclass every month, a forum and online coaching. That’s a lot! Won’t I get overwhelmed?

A – When you join the Club, you simply do one module at a time, in your own time. The online coaching modules are released once a month for 12 months, so you go at a steady pace! The coaching call and masterclass amounts to 2 hours of listening time. You can download the recordings when they are released to listen to whilst you are cooking dinner, on a run or driving to a meeting. And there’s no requirement to be in the forum every day. You can use it when you need it, you can set notifications to suit you

Q – I’m not on Facebook. I don’t like the idea of Facebook. Why is your forum on Facebook and do I have to join Facebook to access it?

AI understand! A few Club members feel the same about Facebook. What they have done is create a private Facebook account (i.e. nobody knows it’s them) and they only use the account to access the club forum. The reason we use Facebook as a forum is that it is very intuitive, very simple for members and doesn’t require you to login and check a forum. We also upload links to coaching calls and masterclasses in the Facebook Group which is by far the easiest and fastest way for you to get access to them. The Club Facebook group is private. This means that nobody who hasn’t been explicitly approved and invited to join can enter. Nor can they see anything within the Club. It’s like a locked room within a building and only members are given the key to enter!

Q – How long should I expect to be a member?

AYou can join for as long or as short as you like! 95% of founder members are still members over 2 years on. This is testament to the value of the Club. Again, support is the key to success. Your best deal is the annual membership as this brings your monthly fee down to less than £25 per month. An absolute bargain when you consider how much you’d pay for coaching.

Q – Can I get any personal coaching from you Amanda?

AYes, you can get coaching from me on whatever you want during our monthly calls. Bear in mind this: I charge £2,500 for my personal coaching programme. The Success Club is £33 (or £24.75) per month. You won’t get the same access to me as if you were a one to one client! I have designed the Club to be cost-effective which means that you are not guaranteed to get coaching on the coaching calls and that the call will not be exclusively devoted to coaching one member. However, please know that I am a Coach because I WANT to see you succeed. I – and the other members – are here as part of your central success support team. I’ll help whenever I can.

Q – I’m also a Coach. Can I join?

AYes of course! I’m more than happy to welcome you if part of your motivation for joining is to see how it’s done. I’ve coached many newbie coaches over the years and I have a collaborative approach. All I ask is that you act with integrity. Which of course means don’t plagiarise, don’t sell your services and give and receive support within our private Facebook group.

Q – Will I incur any call charges to access the group coaching calls or masterclasses?

ANo. I use either GoToMeeting or for our coaching calls. GoToMeeting is a webinar service. So you can either join via your computer, tablet or mobile phone, or you can use one of the many access numbers. I have both geographical and toll free (freephone numbers) for many countries, including the UK, most of Europe, USA and Australia. WhyPay uses an 0345 number. This is a GOOD thing because it means that, for members in the UK, you can access this number without it costing anything. 0345 numbers are part of your normal call allowance for BOTH landlines and mobiles. Many members attend calls during their lunch hour and might be sitting in their car using a mobile. WhyPay allows you to access the calls very easily and without it costing you anything as long as you have a bundled inclusive minutes allowance.

Q – How long will I get access to all the Coach Yourself modules?

A – You will have full access whilst you remain a paid up Club member.

Q – Are there live calls every month of the year?

AThere are live calls 10 months of the year. Please note that I try to organise the August and December masterclasses in July and November respectively. I do this as I’m a single mum of 2 boys and these are family months. What this means is that you’ll get a recording of the masterclass released in August and December.

Q – How do I pay and is it secure?

A – Yes! Your subscription is very secure as I use PayPal, which is a global provider that needs little introduction! It is safe and you are covered by their Buyer Protection from all sides (see ) When you sign up using PayPal, you set up a recurring subscription payment which you are in complete control of.

Q – How do I cancel my membership?

A – You have complete control over how long you stay. If you want to leave the Club, simply cancel your subscription (if you’re paying via PayPal). Because I build up a relationship with members, I obviously prefer it if you’ve dropped me an email first, but you don’t have to! Once you’ve cancelled your direct debit or your subscription payment, I’ll get a notification  PayPal. I’ll remove you from the Club membership site and the Facebook group on the day that your next payment was due. You’ll still get access to the Club for the remainder of the month or year you’ve just paid for.

Q – What have others said about the Club?

A – Below are several unsolicited testimonials about how the Club has helped our members.

Q – How do I sign up? And what happens once I’ve signed up?

A – Just scroll up the page and sign up for the Club choosing either monthly or annual membership. Start with the Coach Yourself Module 1 to learn exactly who you are and what makes you tick! And then go from there. And ask me questions in our private and exclusive Success Club Facebook group. I’ll answer them personally.

Do you have a question you don’t see the answer to here?

That’s OK! Get in touch with us at amandaalexanderATmeDOTcom


Click here to join the Success Club at just £33 per month


The Success Club Satisfaction Guarantee

money back guaranteeWhichever membership level you choose, each one comes with my cast-iron no-quibble guarantee.

If, for any reason, you are not entirely happy with what you get as a Success Club Member, then simply email me before your first month’s membership is up and I will gladly refund your first month’s membership.

Plus there is no long-term contract. You can cancel at any time (we will even do this for you within one working day, if you prefer) and even keep access to the members’ area until the end of your paid month.


Click here to join the Success Club at just £33 per month