The Academy is a unique, highly cost-effective programme for high-potential women, the future leaders within your organisation. It consists of our signature “Stepping Up” one-day workshop, an online learning platform, regular live coaching calls and webinars, a 12-month online coaching programme and a peer-support mastermind group. The Academy for Talented Women is a powerful combination of bite-sized training with coaching and peer support.

“The Academy has given me access to the most amazing group of supportive and non-judgmental women who have encouraged and empowered me to be the best version of ‘me’ that I can be. Amanda has empowered me to believe in my own capabilities and provided practical guidance and support.”


Why Women?

“I struggle with balancing family and work life, and so far my reputation is suffering both at work and at home.”

This quote, from a 42-year-old Harvard Business graduate, is indicative of the issues faced by many women, particularly those in middle management. With 40% of first-time births to women over 30 and an ageing population, the pressure on women is increasing as more juggle their career with caring responsibilities for both young and old. The debate is no longer ‘Can Women Have It All?’ but rather ‘Can Women DO It All?’

It is a myth that women are not as career-driven as men. When they start their careers, more women (43%) than men (34%) aspire to reach top management. However, after just two years of experience as junior managers, the same percentage of men are still aspiring to top management level, whilst for women the figure has dropped to 16%.

It is too simplistic to attribute this drop to starting a family: women tend to define success more broadly than men and they don’t always admit to the barriers to success.

The Business Case

Improving opportunities for women to advance to senior roles builds engagement between employers at all levels within the business. Higher levels of employee engagement result in greater productivity, higher talent retention and improve companies’ operating performance by almost 20%.³ This is equivalent to a potential £5bn* in the UK.