Inspiring Women Interviews Podcast

010 Ness Knight on overcoming the fear of failure
Five years ago Ness Knight quit her 9-5 job in marketing and embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, forging[...]
009 Sue Lawton on Non-linear Career Progression
Amanda: Hello and welcome to episode 8 of the Inspiring Women Interviews podcast. Today I am interviewing Sue [Lawton 00:00:14][...]
008 Jenny Holloway on Dealing with Life’s Curve Balls
Amanda: Hello. This is Amanda Alexander. You are very welcome to another episode of the Inspiring Women Interviews. Today I[...]
007 Vicki Cooper on Career Progression for Women in Technology
This is an interview from the Inspiring Women Interviews Podcast with Amanda Alexander: Interviews are with female leaders and female[...]
006 – Leisa Docherty on Confidence for Your Career
Transcript Amanda: Hello and welcome to the Inspiring Women Interviews Podcast with me, Amanda Alexander. Today I'm interviewing Leisa Docherty.[...]
005 Tina Freed on How Flexible Working Supports Talent Retention
Tina Freed is the co-founder of E2W, a financial markets Professional Services Company delivering Business Outsource Processing, Consulting and Contracting[...]