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What is a toleration?

A toleration is defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as:

“Willingness to accept behaviour and beliefs which are different from your own, although you might not agree with or approve of them”.

However, for our purposes within the context of our Get It Done Days, the word is used differently here – to mean something more along the lines of:

“something that needs to be done that is draining your energy, although you’ve been putting it off or ignoring it!”

This “something” could be:

  • A task that needs to be started or finished
  • A phone call you need to make
  • A clear out or declutter of somewhere in your home

A short, but expressive description of a toleration is “energy drainer”

We are all tolerating stuff, and the list of tolerations is infinite and each list will be different for each person.

What happens when we tolerate too much?

If I’m speaking about tolerations to an audience, one of the ways I demonstrate what they do to us is by holding a Styrofoam cup over a bowl, pouring water into that cup, then punching holes with a pencil into the filled cup of water.

The water is your energy and the holes are the tolerations. Of course, the more holes I punch, the quicker the water drains. Same thing with your energy – tolerations drain your energy away. So it’s a good thing to get rid of them!

Part of my work as a coach is to help my clients eliminate the mental and physical stuff that diverts our energy from investing in ourselves and our family. I occasionally challenge a client to call me on the hour every hour for a set period if she has been procrastinating on getting something done. This is where the idea of group Get It Done Days came from…

I know that we ALL have projects hanging around and things to do. Get It Done Days will:

1. Get rid of some of the things you are tolerating

2. Raise your energy

3. Help you feel more in control

4. Reduce your feeling of overwhelm

5. Allow you to “ring-fence” projects so that you don’t need to worry about them in between the sessions. This means you can get on with your life, knowing that these sessions will be there for you to “get it done”

This is why “Get It Done Days” are so powerful:

Get-It-Done days do exactly what they say on the tin.. They help you to get things done!

Get it Done Days work on a simple principle of accountability. You are declaring your intentions to me and to others. This means you are creating a structure within which to achieve those intentions. This is a much better way of getting things done than relying on your own willpower alone!

Dr. Richard Wiseman, in his book “59 Seconds” has concluded that people who are most likely to achieve their goals are those that declare their goals publicly. These successful people are also in the habit of breaking up their goals into sub-goals. This is essentially what my Get It Done Days are all about – helping you achieve stuff!

You work from your office or your home and check in on the hour every hour in a thread in our group. This is about sure you are getting the stuff done that will help you feel more in control and less overwhelmed.

You can use these sessions for ANYTHING you’ve been procrastinating about, whether it’s de-cluttering a bedroom, writing a report, making phone calls or finishing an important project that has been hanging over you.

How does a “Get It Done Day” work?

Easy peasy. You just commit to either posting in our FaFF Facebook Group on the hour every hour, from 10 am to 4 pm on the Get It Done Day.

Set your alarm so you don’t miss your check in times and when you report in, spend no more than five minutes reporting your progress and encouraging others in theirs.

The other 55 minutes is for you to GET STUFF DONE!

In the Facebook group, you will also declare your intentions for the next hour to others. This will really help you to actually DO what you said you were going to do

How do I join your Private Facebook Group?

Easy! Click here and request to join.
You will find one question to answer – How did you find out about this group?
Answer the question and once I’ve checked you’re a bona fide subscriber to my mailing list, I’ll let you in!

My private Facebook group is an online place I have created where you get me coaching you for FREE.

You’re getting the same kind of support as you would have received when I was running a paid membership site, but without paying a penny/cent! Zut alors! The way I am able to justify the time I put into this, is by combining the free coaching with my “Tropic VIP group”. Which means, you’ll also learn more about Tropic’s gorgeous natural, fresh skincare! You get offers, prizes and online pamper parties that only members of the group get access to. And I share my Tropic business with enthusiasm, love, humour and integrity. You can read my pledge and philosophy in the group. Of course, like all Facebook groups, you can leave at any time!

When do we start and at what time do you check in?

The Get It Done Days are taking place next week, Monday 4th to Wednesday 6th June

We start at 10 am UK time and you will check in on the hour every hour between 10 am and 4pm UK time.

Set your alarm for those times now!

What are the benefits, apart from getting stuff done?

  • Feeling of lightness
  • Feeling of accomplishment
  • Release energy to attract new and good stuff into your life!

Tips to Prepare For Our Get It Done Days

  • If you have someone who will support you at your office or home or wherever you are, let them know you’re doing this so that they know you’re a woman on a mission. Ask them to give you a poke if you start slacking!
  • If you are going to be at home with young kids during the Get It Done Days, don’t make your list of stuff too long and accept that you WILL be interrupted by children. I used to find that when I did this with with my kids around, it was best to choose things like clearing kids’ toy boxes or wardrobes out – the sort of stuff that you can do with your children around you. With a bit of luck, they will then find a long forgotten toy and happily play with it whilst you are trying to get rid of stuff!
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes and write down every toleration/thing that you want to get done this weekend! BEFORE we start our Get It Done Days on Monday.
  • Have your list of tolerations handy for when we start and chose which tolerations you’re going to bust first. Be ready to declare what you’re going to do on Facebook.
  • Have fun!
    At 4 pm, you’re done for the day. I want you to mark the end of the day knowing that you’ve probably achieved more that day than you might normally in 3 days.. or more! What would you really like to do to celebrate, either at lunchtime, in the afternoon or the evening? What’s your TREAT to look forward to? It doesn’t have to cost money, but it’s important that you have something to look forward to after all your hard work. That’s what being in balance is about!

What if you can’t do a full day? Or you can only do an hour?

Then do just an hour! We can only do what we can do! I have decided to go crazy with this and do THREE FULL DAYS to give more people the chance to join. You are bound to have existing commitments, but my hope is that you may be able to do an hour or two over the space of 3 days. Don’t NOT take part just because you have prior commitments. Do what you can with the time you have – One focused hour can achieve a lot!

If you’d like to join us next week and get things done, click here to request to join my private Facebook group

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