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We’re all about developing talent in brilliant women who want to have strong self confidence, achieve career success and fulfilment, without sacrificing their life outside of work.


Want to find a job that you love? Whether you're a lawyer seeking career change or a mum returning to work, we help brilliant women to achieve career success whilst also helping you to balance your life.


We get a bee in our bonnet about seeing talented women holding themselves back. We are here to help you stamp out imposter syndrome, increase self-confidence and grow your emotional resilience. We call it Step Up Ability!


We've worked with thousands of professional women for over 14 years. We know exactly what holds your emerging female leaders back and why they drop out. We've come up with a powerful, innovative and VERY cost-effective programme to help companies who get the importance of talent retention.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Amanda. Over the years we’ve worked together she has helped me get clear about what I really want in life, lent me courage when I had none, and believed in me when I most needed it. She has pushed, pulled, supported and inspired me, making it easier to take the actions needed to reach my goals. My life has transformed.

Lulu Mungur


We hate seeing these women holding themselves back, feeling that they are not enough or that they are somehow “imposters”. We help these women to move beyond their perceived obstacles much faster than they could on their own - and hold them accountable along the way.


We do this via the medium of professional coaching, live workshops, webinars and innovative online coaching programmes.


Our clients are usually women at middle to senior levels of their career, usually juggling many roles and most are also mums. Our clients are smart, full of ideas, experienced and well-regarded in their profession. BUT…


Where these brilliant women often struggle is either:

  • Aligning their outer “confident, capable and in control” persona with how they really feel – often they are secretly struggling with self doubt, overwhelm and imposter syndrome


  • They are so busy trying to do their best by everyone and get it all done, that they lack the clear headspace to focus on their own “big picture”.


The Academy for Talented Women

The Academy for Talented Women is our membership programme that coaches and supports emerging female leaders with career progression, life balance, self confidence and emotional resilience.

Cost-effective for both individuals and companies, The Academy is a treasure trove of relevant and accessible self-development, tailored for talented women trying to do it all and be their best!

Stepping Up

Stepping Up is our super-charged online signature coaching programme to put you on the quickest route possible to getting you to achieve more than you ever thought possible!

Stepping Up is for women who are fed up with playing small, but who need a compassionate kick and support to play bigger!

Whether you want to achieve a promotion, go for your dream job, quit your job and set up your own business, or go for a big goal that you are tired of putting off, with Stepping Up, you’ll watch your obstacles melt away and get on with it!


I’ve been coaching for 14 years and over that time, I have been privileged to work with hundreds of clients who have made huge leaps in their life. You can read my story from Project Management to coaching here; read my formal bio here and see “what’s on my soapbox” here!

I work with a small number of one to one clients via Skype, phone or face to face. The best place to start to see if one to one coaching is for you is to read “Is this you” here and browse case studies from past clients here.


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