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Career Confidence 101
Video Coaching Session 1:
Know Your Strengths

In this first video coaching session, I'll ask you some powerful questions
to help you focus on your unique value to the World

In your first video coaching session, you'll take a step back and focus on your strengths, on what you enjoy and what others see in you. You might have taken personality tests throughout your career, but that's not what we're going to do in this video coaching session. I'm going to ask you the kind of questions that I ask my new clients in their Kickstart Questionnaire. Clients frequently tell me that, after responding to these questions, they have more clarity about who they are - even before we've had our first coaching session! Don't expect the answers to come easily to all these questions, but remember that you can come back to them again if you can't answer first time round.Use your interactive workbook, which you can download via the big yellow button below.