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I am attending an event in Birmingham on 4th November that I’m rather excited about and I wondered if you fancy joining me? I think this might be right up your street!

It’s called “Stepping Up Live” and it’s a one day inspirational self-development event for women. It’s billed as for “women who want to get out of their own way, build their confidence and self-belief and get motivated to get on with it””

The “it” is basically the big life goal we all think about but that we usually don’t get round to doing!

Stepping Up is being run by Amanda Alexander, a Coach who I have been following for quite a few years (check her out: ) She’s big on self-belief and confidence and she specialises in working with professional women – usually they are working mums – and she’s also a mum herself. I really like her stuff – she is down to earth and “real” but also quite inspirational and I’ve used a lot of her tips from her weekly coaching emails.

There are 3 other Coaches joining Amanda on Stepping Up and they will be running workshops in their specialist areas: One helps women to get clarity and focus, another is a productivity and time management expert and another is a specialist “mindset trainer” who helps women to overcome limiting beliefs.

Anyway, I think it sounds fab and I think you’d love it. It’s only £97, which I think is really good value! It’s being held at HSBC in Birmingham 10am to 4pm.

The info is here: