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Time remaining to claim your FREE Career Catalyst Coaching Session, worth £200, when you join The Academy for Talented Women at £33 per month

Welcome to your "Coaching Gym"!

The best way to describe The Academy for Talented Women is as a virtual gym - but a gym where you achieve life, career and business goals instead of physical fitness goals.

    • Instead of getting access to regular fitness classes, you get access to regular masterclasses that will help you with all the things that help to make your life simpler and more fulfilled.
    • Instead of Zumba, Body Pump, Bootcamp, Pilates or Yoga, you can "go" to classes that help you with all the things you deal with at home, at work and in your head.

Classes like these:

  • How to be confident at work
  • How to declutter your home
  • How to feel more calm and in control
  • How to deal with conflict at work
  • How to be more productive
  • How to balance your hormones
  • How to be an emotionally intelligent leader
  • How to enhance your self belief
    and even..
  • How not to divorce your husband (if you have one!)

​This is just a TINY selection of the "on demand" classes you'll find in The Academy.

  • Instead of hanging out in the gym's over priced cafe with self-conscious gym bunnies and oh so macho men, you get to hang out with a bunch of friendly, supportive, smart women. These women, like you, are juggling work, home and life. These women, like you, are good at what they do. These women, like you are professionals - some of them are employed and some run businesses.
  • Imagine networking "online" without having to turn up at a breakfast meeting each week or hang out on the golf course (Ha! Like you have time for that!)

    Instead of paying for a personal trainer, you get access to coaching from one of the UK's most experienced Coaches (that's me!) And you can get coaching from that Coach either over the phone during our regular group coaching calls or via our members' forum on Facebook.

    And instead of having to travel to a gym, you get 24/7 access to an online life coaching programme, complete with workbooks, videos and audios. This programme was designed for women with multiple roles and over the past 8 years, it has helped hundreds of them to feel more in control, more fulfilled and more in balance.

  • Now here's where it's nothing like a gym... As a member of The Academy, once a year, you'll get an invitation to "Stepping Up Live", a one-day inspirational and motivational event, exclusively for professional women. And if you've been a member for a year or more, you get to come FREE of charge!
  • Unlike most gyms, you are not tied in for a minimum period. You don't have to pay a joining fee. There's no sales person persuading you to stay if you want to leave. You pay a recurring monthly fee which you can cancel with a couple of clicks at any time. YOU are in control

And the cost?

You won't believe how low! Membership of The Academy for Talented Women will cost you a little over £1 a day.

Just £33 per month to be precise.

A fraction of what you'd pay for one to one coaching, but with so many added benefits.

How might all of this support help you to achieve your life and career goals?