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Hello there you fabulous, talented woman!

What would you do if you trusted yourself completely?

  • Would you find a more fulfilling career?

  • Would you be a more confident leader, without feeling a nagging anxiety worried that you’re going to be “found out”?
  • Would you do something about that dream of quitting your job and doing your own thing that you’ve had for years?
  • Would you finally take the courageous steps you know are necessary to increase your income?
  • Or maybe you would simply stop settling for “not too bad” or “fine” and shoot instead for “fulfilled” or even “flippin’ fabulous”?

Imagine if….

Imagine if you had someone who could take you by the hand, smile at you encouragingly and shout loudly (but not TOO loudly) in your ear:

  • You CAN DO THIS!
  • I’m with you!
  • I know it’s hard sometimes. KEEP GOING!

Imagine if you had someone who…

  • Could help you get clarity when you’re feeling fuzzy
  • Could help you to get super creative when you’re super stuck
  • Would believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself
  • Would help you to keep going when you feel like giving up
    Would hold a well-lit mirror up to you so that YOU can start to see the gorgeous, talented and capable woman that others see
  • Would compassionately kick your butt when you need it kicked
  • Would give you the tools and techniques so that you can step up right now. And that you can use again and again for the rest of your life.

Testimonial-Holly Ashford
What could you achieve if you had this kind of support?

academy-bigstock-successful-female-businesswoma-99.epsStepping up is all about helping talented women to move out of their own way and to step up, with strong support. And much faster than they would on their own. 

Stepping up is about transformation: It’s  also about baby steps that inevitably lead to big leaps. It's for women who don’t want to settle for mediocre. If you want to live purposefully and with fulfillment, then Stepping Up could be perfect for you.

In Stepping Up, I am going to put you on the quickest route possible to increasing your self-belief, super-charging your confidence and setting you up for success for the rest of your life.

Wanna join me and my stepping up gals?

20 brilliant women have already experienced the power of Stepping Up. It’s without doubt, a very powerful coaching programme. I’ve always been a results-orientated Coach and Stepping Up brings results because of the combination of coaching, practical strategies, support and accountability.

This is the first time I’ve opened the doors of Stepping Up in over 18-months. And I’ve made some changes to make it even better. In fact, Stepping Up has STEPPED UP!

Testimonial-Caroline Eaton

A quick rant - why you MUST step up

  1. Because you don’t want to live in the shadows
  2. Because you don’t want to be scared of your own shadow
  3. Because life is too short to wonder what might have been
  4. Because you want to live purposefully, not accidentally
  5. Because plodding along in greyness is no way to live
  6. Because you want to make your mark – in your company, in your business, in your family, in your community or in your world
  7. Because you want to be happy and fulfilled and achieve a sense of balance
  8. Because, quite frankly my dear, you want what you want, whether you think you can achieve it or not
  9. Because you want to be a role model for your kids
  10. Because you want to be happy in your work
  11. Because the World needs strong, emotionally intelligent female leaders more than ever before
  12. Because the time for shrinking is not now
  13. Because it IS your time to step up

Women are notoriously bad at recognising our talents, yet we're bloomin' good at beating ourselves up. We’re so good at seeing where we went wrong; not so good at pausing to celebrate all the things we achieve on a daily basis.

I know this from hard won personal experience and over 14 years of working with hundreds of women around the World – from budding businesswomen to senior leaders. I’ve seen how talented women fail to embrace and use their strengths and reign themselves in. I really hate seeing talented women who have so much to offer holding themselves back, tying themselves up in knots, worrying about what others think and being too scared to strive for more.

Testimonial-Maja Pawinska

The quote on the back of my iPad

"Everything you desire is on the other side of fear"ipad engraving other side of fear

I love this quote so much that I had it engraved on the back of my iPad - LOOK!

 It’s there to remind me when I get scared of stepping up!

That’s right - I get scared too: Anyone who tells you that they don’t should be taken with a very large pinch of salt. So I know that it's easier said than done. Stepping Up is about squashing the fear gremlins and “training” you to live more fearlessly.

Actually, that's not quite accurate.  My approach is more:

  1. Feel the fear
  2. Use a strategy to face the fear
  3. Get the support to face the fear
  4. And DO IT anyway!

My biggest motivation is seeing my clients soar:  I can’t guarantee you results – nobody can. However, I CAN provide you with the tools and support to accelerate your progress.

And we can do this, starting 15th February 2017, over 9 weeks, EVEN with your busy life.

It’s not painful. It’s gonna be FUN!

Testimonial-Jo L

About Your Stepping Up Coach

Amandaheadinhands1I’ve been around for a long time as a Coach! :) Well – just over 14 years.

I've been awarded Coach Mentor of the Year in the Women Inspiring Women Awards.  I’ve been lauded and applauded and all that jazz. I’m certified as a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF. I'm a Sage Business Expert, I blog for Pscychologies Mag, the ICF (International Coach Federation) and the Huffington Post.

I have coached people across the globe and my practice spans leadership coaching to life coaching and mentorcoaching for other coaches.

But the most important thing is that how YOU feel about me as your Coach.  And as you read this, you'll either feel right about me as your Coach or you won't.  If you feel right, then you're going to love Stepping Up with me! 

Testimonial-Sarah FIntroducing Stepping up - starting 15th Feb! 

Stepping Up is a 9-week group coaching programme, originally created by me in 2014. I created Stepping Up, quite simply, to help talented women to get out of their own way, get clear on what makes them great, get clear on what they want and to step up and achieve their goals.

When preparing Stepping Up for 2017, I have thought long and hard about how to make it even better.
So I put myself in your shoes – not difficult because we’re all on similar journeys and we each face our own challenges!

I asked myself: “What would the ideal coaching programme look like if I was joining it myself?” And THIS is the result!

Testimonial-Gloria Ruto

Stepping Up Girl-1000pxThe 3 Powerful Elements in Stepping Up

Here is the combination that makes Stepping Up so powerful:

1. Coaching

Coaching is an enormously powerful, collaborativerelationship designed to support you in achieving your personal and professional goals to help you meet your need for more.

Coaching creates an environment where you focus your daily actions on the most important issues in your life, breaking down barriers to success and enhancing your skills.

2. Accountability

Just knowing that you have made a commitment makes ALL the difference to how fast we step up. I'll keep you accountable in a gentle, supportive way.

3. Support

We all need support, but particularly so when we are moving outside of our comfort zone.  You'll find support like a golden thread woven throughout Stepping Up.

Testimonial-Catherine Morgan

Here is what Stepping Up will do for you:

Stepping Up


Testimonial-Heena Mistry

And here’s what you’ll get in Stepping UpStepping Up Mock Up

6 x Coaching Webinars

Each of these coaching webinars will last up to 75 minutes. I have designed these unique group coaching sessions to give you quality time and “white space”, something that very few people get these days!

Here’s how our coaching sessions will work:

  1. You’ll get a link so that you can join each webinar from wherever you are in the World.
  2. In the first 15 minutes, I will introduce our coaching focus for the session.
  3. I will take you through a series of incisive questions.
  4. Over the next 30 minutes, you will get TIME TO THINK and scribble down your thoughts and answers in response to these questions
  5. We will allow up to 30 minutes after the “thinking” time to answer questions, brainstorm ideas if you’re stuck and share any insights and “light bulb” moments

Coaching that flexes with your life and your learning style

I know you’re busy. I know that you might have business travel, kids to look after, deadlines to meet at work. I also know that you want to move forward, but you can’t always commit to turning up live to “class”.

I also know that we all learn in different ways. That’s why I’ve made Stepping Up as adaptable as I possibly can!

These coaching webinars are designed to support both introverts and extroverts. Want to share? You can! Want to keep quiet and do your own thing? You can!

Prefer to turn up live and block out the time in your diary? You can!

Can’t make it live or prefer to work on your own? You can!

What’s your learning style? If it’s active, then you’ll enjoy doing the work and answering the questions during the webinar. If you have a more passive learning style, we’ve got you covered too!  

After each live coaching webinar, we’ll prepare a video, audio and even a transcript of the live session for you. So you can watch, listen or read. Or all 3! All these materials will be in your private online members’ area within 48 hours of the live webinar.

Louise Barraclough Testimonial

Personal accountability with 8 weekly check ins and audio postcards

This is a BIGGIE and it's one of the simple, but highly effective benefits of Stepping Up.  Previous members say that it makes all the difference to their momentum!  It's a benefit you'd be hard pressed to find from from a group programme!   

One of the reasons people decide to work with a Coach is that it holds them accountable. We all know the power of being held accountable. It reduces your "wriggle room" - in other words, it stops you from wriggling out of your commitments. Which means you move forward faster.  You could choose to read some self-development books or go on a one-day course. But you know what happens…. You put the book down (or possibly don’t even open it) or you leave the course and everyday life swallows you up. Nothing really changes despite all your best intentions -  I know this!

So, over your 2 months on Stepping Up, you will receive an email from me every Sunday evening. This is generally the best time to reflect on the previous week and set your intentions for the forthcoming week.   The weekly email will prompt you, via a handful of incisive questions, to spend a few minutes reflecting on the past week, your progress, challenges and intentions for the next week.  

I encourage you to make the most of this invaluable Stepping Up benefit and tap a quick reply to this email.  

Your reward for reporting back will be a personal “audio postcard” from me! I'll send you a personal reply to listen to - A few words of motivation or maybe an idea to inspire you can go a l-o-n-g way when you’re stepping up!

Why an audio postcard? Well, as a Coach, I find that the spoken word conveys much more and in more depth than the written word.  And it means you’ll get real personal attention!

6 x Stepping Up Online Master Class Bundles

Each week, you will get a new master class bundle in your members’ area. This means you will have an incredible toolkit of strategies that will support each stage of our Stepping Up journey and beyond.  Watching or listening to these master classes will underpin our coaching as you’ll discover the best, tried and tested strategies from me and my hand-picked experts. 

You’ll get 6 master class bundles  "drip fed" over 9 weeks, so that you don’t get overwhelmed! You’ll get lifelong access to all master classes, in video and as downloadable MP3 audios. 

Masterclass Bundle 1: To give you more clarity and direction

You’ll learn to create your compelling vision that will help you to keep going, even on the tough days. You'll learn how to identify your core values so that you can get crystal clear on your direction. Identifying your values is also one of the most powerful and essential pieces of the puzzle for creating a fulfilling life and career.

You know what they say about the importance of focus! Getting clear on your values will have a domino effect on your clarity, direction and focus.

Masterclass Bundle 2:  To help you to know yourself

This class will get you to hold up a mirror to your strengths and help you see what makes you unique. This is where you’ll start trusting yourself more! You’ll also learn how to identify your needs and get them met: This means that you will have more energy for stepping up.

Masterclass Bundle 3: To understand and eliminate limiting beliefs

If you’ve ever held back from going for promotion, speaking up in a meeting or just going for what you want - you know it’s an inside game. Self-Belief, or rather lack of it, is the primary obstacle that holds us back from having the life we want. In this class, you’ll learn how to enhance your self-belief.

You'll learn WHY you have those thoughts that tell you that you're not good enough, that you can't possibly see how you can achieve your dream. And you'll learn simple, highly effective techniques to quieten the insidious thoughts in your head and replace them with positive, empowering and enthusiastic "can do" thoughts.

Masterclass Bundle 4: To build your self-confidence and your courage

We ALL know that confidence is the key to success, perhaps more than anything else. If you've got talent but no confidence, you won't get anywhere. True self-confidence is so elusive for most women, but this masterclass will reveal the secrets to growing your confidence.

You’ll also learn some simple “confidence hacks” that will give you a boost for those times when you have to appear to be confident, even when you’re not feeling it inside!

We all know that you need courage to step up.   You’ll learn how to exercise your “courage muscle so that you can get “getting comfortable being uncomfortable”!

Masterclass Bundle 5: To help you to make big leaps

You'll get inspired and motivated in this masterclass with Suzy Greaves, my own Coach, Editor of Psychologies and author of "The Big Leap" and "The Big Peace". You’ll learn how to make big leaps via baby steps.

Masterclass Bundle 6: To keep you strong, tenacious and with a sense of balance

There’s always going to be knock-backs, disappointments and failures in life. There are going to be unexpected curve balls.  The important thing is how you deal with them.  You’ll learn how to develop resilience - i.e. bounce-back-ability.

You'll learn about the 9 "little devils" that make you doubt yourself and make you afraid. And you'll learn how to conquer these little devils, how to build your resilience so that you can keep going even when life isn't a smooth upwards trajectory.

You’ll learn my favourite techniques for achieving a sense of balance and simple exercises to help you to develop a strong “growth” mindset.   It’s about “every day in every way, you’re getting better and better!”Testimonial-Maria

Testimonial-Kim P
Extra Bonuses for Stepping Up

I've got 3 carefully designed bonuses.
 I've added each of these extra bonuses for a reason.  The first will help you to get rid of imposter syndrome, one will help you to stop putting off your bigger goals "because you don't have enough time" and one will give you a further layer of support to help you to step up. 

Caroline Ferguson imageBONUS #1 “How to Silence your Inner Imposter and Own Your Expertise”, with Caroline Ferguson

Imposter syndrome is a common and unpleasant experience for those who are brave enough to put their expertise and opinions in the public eye.

At least 70 per cent of people feel like a fraud at some point. Knowledge and experience don’t make you immune – in fact, the higher you climb, the more likely you are to experience this form of mindset vertigo.

In this Stepping Up bonus master class, you’ll learn:

  • Imposter syndrome: what it is and isn’t, and when and how it shows up.
  • The REAL reason why you sometimes feel like an imposter.
  • 5-Point mindset plan to conquer your inner imposter and believe in yourself.
  • One simple thing you can do to stop imposter syndrome in its tracks.

Here are the outcomes for Stepping Up Members:

  • Develop self-awareness so that you can recognise when and why you’re making yourself feel like a fraud.
  • Understand which of your PACES (the 5 main ways in which you hold yourself back) are making you feel like an imposter.
  • Encourage you to accept yourself, celebrate your skills and forgive yourself for what you don’t know
  • Learn a simple process that empowers you to silence your inner critic in any situation.

emma audrey bookBONUS #2:  “Life is short! How to cram big dreams into little time” with Emma Grey and Audrey Thomas

Emma and Audrey are the authors of “I Don’t Have Time: 15-minute ways to shape a life you love”.

When Emma and Audrey were in the final stages of editing their new book, the unthinkable happened — Emma’s adored husband Jeff died in his sleep from a heart attack. In the months that followed, the authors made a pact to turn the light up in their lives, not down. Both authors were in the thick of grief (Audrey’s father had died recently too, along with both her parents-in-law). Face-to-face with their own mortality, Emma and Audrey were galvanised in the dual senses of purpose and ambition.

In this Stepping Up bonus master class, you’ll learn:

  • How we tangle ourselves in unnecessary doubt and overwhelm
  • 3 powerful ways to free up bucket-loads of fresh space and time, no matter how ‘busy’ we are
  • How a ‘festival of failure’ can liberate us to take massive action in areas where we’ve held back for years
  • The one thing we must stop saying before we can throw ourselves fully into our lives

Here are the outcomes for Stepping Up Members:

  • Identify the simple mindset habits that have been wreaking havoc in your career and personal life for years.
  • Get really honest about the excuses that protect you from risk and keep you small
  • Sift out the choices and behaviours that routinely clog up your diary and your mind and open up space to chase your biggest dreams
  • Learn the technique that has influenced thousands to make big changes in little steps

Woman-With-Glasses-We-Can-Do-It sumoBONUS #3: The Stepping Up Private  Facebook Group

Your learning and personal development will be underpinned with the private Stepping Up Facebook group, where you can celebrate successes, get support and brainstorm ideas. All with women like you, who are determined to step up. It's about supporting you every step of the way.




Testimonial-Grace Marshall

Testimonial-Claire B

Step up the way you want, in your time

It's important to understand this about Stepping Up If you're shy, introverted or you just prefer a more passive learning style, that's absolutely fine. You don't have to participate or spill your guts. You can just listen and learn. You're still going to get coaching, encouragement and support over email and our private Facebook group. You needn't say a word and you'll still get so much out of Stepping Up!

However, if you want to actively participate, then you'll get the opportunity to be coached by me on our live coaching calls.  After feedback from the first cohort on Stepping Up, I've re-designed the delivery process of Stepping Up so that if flexes even more to YOUR life, YOUR personality and YOUR learning style.

Learning Objectives on Stepping UP


confidence and self-belief coaching programme for women

  • Raising your self-awareness so that you can make better choices that move you forward (rather than hold you back).  Awareness is the precursor to choice!
  • Equiping you with a “toolkit” of coaching techniques to make you more courageous, stronger, more positive, more resilient, happier and more confident.
  • Helping you to identify positive and sustainable new habits to replace the bad old ones.

Testimonial-Karen O Hanlon


Stepping Up Executive Summary

Stepping Up is a powerful, cost-effective and practical coaching programme for women who don't want to be "small", doubt themselves or waste their energy on wondering "What if I'm not good enough?" It's 8 weeks in duration, with our first live session on 6th Feb.  You can choose to attend the 6 coaching sessions live, or you can get just as much value by doing them in your own time. It's designed to give you accountability AND flexibility. Stepping Up is all about providing you with the support, coaching, strategies and accountability to help you to achieve your big goals.

Testimonial-Isobel Pugh

So what's the investment as one of my Exclusive Stepping Up Members?

In Stepping Up, you'll be getting the time and skills of an award-winning Coach who is professionally trained and accredited, who has been coaching women like you for over 14 years and who cares about helping you to be the best you can be.  I command rates of up to £1,200 per day with my corporate clients. My VIP coaching programme for personal clients would cost you £2,500.  And with a programme name like "Stepping Up" and given the support and accountability included, you might be bracing yourself! To recap, on Stepping Up, you'll get:

  • 6 x Live Coaching Webinars with Amanda over 9 weeks (value £800)
  • Weekly accountability over 9 weeks (value £400)
  • 6 x Master Class Bundles (value £500+)
  • Bonus #1: Private Facebook group (value £200+)
  • Bonus #2: How to silence your inner imposter and own your expertise (value £47)
  • Bonus #2: Life is short! How to cram big dreams into little time (value £47)

At a very conservative estimate, the "value" of Stepping Up is £1,994.

However, your investment is much lower than that!

Kathryn Stringer Case Study Amanda Alexander

Enrollment closes in:

Enrol Now: Pay in Full
Enrol Now: 3 Monthly Payments of £197
£197 x 3


2-Week Guarantee

money back guarantee   There's even a 2-week money back guarantee until 1st March.  Stepping Up is 9 weeks long, but remember you have access to everything for life. If you show me that you’ve engaged with Stepping up, but you’re not still not happy, I’ll gladly give you a refund.   To apply for a refund,  you need to demonstrate that you have replied to the first two accountability emails and that you have "done the work" (ie responded to the coaching questions) from our first two coaching sessions (either live or in your own time after the live session, it doesn't matter which). Stepping Up is NOT an off-the-shelf, thrown together information product. It is a proven programme that I've run with great results in 2014 and 2015.  This is a programme that I have put a lot of effort into - and which gives you great support and encouragement. So I want to attract people who respect this and who also recognise that they are responsible for their own goals.  I cannot guarantee results - I cannot make your journey for you. However,  I CAN help you set the right direction, teach you to read the map and give you superb strategies to make your journey faster and more enjoyable. Stepping Up has already proven itself as effective - if you're in any doubt, take a look at some of the case studies throughout this page. I’m looking forward to seeing you Step Up. And basking in the reflected glory your success story. :) amanda real signature      

Testimonial-Sarah S

Enrollment closes in:

Enrol Now: 3 Monthly Payments of £197
£197 x 3

Sarah Rugg Case Study Amanda AlexanderStepping Up FAQs

  • When are the 6 live coaching webinars?

    Here are the dates and times. All times are UK time (GMT)

    • 15 Feb 2017, 12:30 to 13:30
    • 1 Mar 2017, 20:30 to 21:30
    • 8 Mar 2017, 12:30 to 13:30
    • 20 Mar 2017, 20:30 to 21:30
    • 29 Mar 2017, 12:30 to 13:30
    • 19 April 12.30 to 13: 30
  • How do I access the coaching sessions?

    Using GoToWebinar, with a unique link that we will send you before each webinar. You can join via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • I'm not sure if Stepping Up is right for me. Can I get in touch with you?

    Absolutely! Best email is: amandaalexanderoffice@gmail.com

  • What kind of person would really appreciate and benefit from Stepping Up?

    The sort of person who is willing to stretch, even if she sometimes quietly feel a bit scared! If you relate to warmth, compassion, professionalism, a sense of adventure and a sense of fun, then you’re probably a good fit for Stepping Up! You might want to achieve: • A promotion at work • To go for your dream job • To quit your job and set up your own professional practice or business • To make a big, lifelong dream into reality However, in the past, I’ve had fabulous women on Stepping Up who just wanted to get their mojo back. They didn’t have a BIG goal, they just wanted to get out of their rut. I’ve had women who had a house project, women who had been bullied at work and women who felt that they had played it safe for too long and just wanted to start exploring what might be possible for them.

  • Do you guarantee results?

    No - it would be unethical for any Coach to guarantee results: Coaching results are not guaranteed, because coaching is about supporting the client to take action. The Coach recognises their clients as whole and capable. To expand on this a little, here’s an extract from the coaching agreement I send to my clients: “The client enters into coaching with the full understanding that they are responsibility for creating their own results. The coach will engage in direct and personal conversations. The client can count on the coach to be honest and straightforward in asking questions and making requests.” However, I DO guarantee that I work with integrity and professionalism to support you. I guarantee that you WILL learn new strategies to enhance your self-development and your career if you go through the master class bundles, watching or listening to them and then taking action from them. I guarantee that, if you go through each of the coaching webinars, either live or in your own time, that you will increase your awareness and that will increase your ability to take action. And when you take action, good things happen! If you enter into Stepping Up determined to take action, you can’t help but move forward! If you’re in any doubt about this, then please revisit the testimonials dotted throughout this page. You can also view testimonials from verified sources at my public profile on Linked In.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yes! The guarantee is not a “no questions asked” guarantee, because this isn’t a casual information product that has been thrown together – this is a programme put together with professionalism, care and integrity. I want to attract the sort of person who will embrace the ethos of the programme! The live part of the programme is 9 weeks (even though you have access for life) so you have a 2-week money back guarantee until 1st March. This covers the first 2 coaching sessions. If you show me that you’ve engaged with the Stepping up, but you’re not still not happy, I’ll gladly give you a refund. To apply for a refund, you need to demonstrate that you have replied to the first two accountability emails; that you have written answers to the coaching questions in the first two coaching sessions (either live or in your own time after the live session) and that you have watched or listened to the first 2 masterclass bundles

  • What if I can’t attend some or any of the coaching webinars?

    No problem. You will get access to the recorded webinar, a downloadable audio version and a transcript within 48 hours after each coaching webinar. All will be in your private members’ area. There is no expectation or obligation for you to attend live.

Testimonial-Stien GijsbrechtsTestimonial-Jo S
Testimonial-Lulu M

Enrollment closes in:

Enrol Now: Pay in Full
Enrol Now: 3 Monthly Payments of £197
£197 x 3