Stepping Up with Amanda Alexander

Your country needs YOU to STEP UP!

Get ready!  Because we are going to put you on the quickest route possible to increasing your self-belief,  super-charging your confidence and setting you up for success for the rest of your life.


Why "Stepping Up"?

Because women are notoriously bad at recognising our talents, yet we're bloomin' good at beating ourselves up.  Result? We reign ourselves in and we don't go for what we really want.   And I'm fed up with that - fed up with seeing briliant, talented women holding themselves back, tying themselves up in knots, worrying about what others think and being too scared to strive for more.

Life is too short to be afraid. But I know that’s easier said than done. Stepping Up is about squashing the “fear gremlins” and getting you to live more fearlessly. I'm motivated by my clients actually getting results:  I created Stepping Up  to help you to get you out of your own way.

  • This is the start of something amazing. I have loved stepping up, it's made a massive positive impact for me
    Claire B

What's stopping you from Stepping Up? self-doubt

Are you torturing yourself with any of this lot of nasties?...

  • I'm not good enough
  • I feel like a bit of a fraud, I think I might get "found out"
  • I'm not quite sure what I want. But there must be more to life than THIS!
  • I keep saying I'm going to change things, but here I am 2 years on and nothing has really changed. I'm angry with myself
  • I wish I could stop doubting myself
  • I wish had the courage of my convictions
  • I wish I had some time and space to step back and get a wider picture of where I am and where I want to get to
  • How can I get rid of that creeping fear of what people might think if I do what I really want
  • How can I believe in myself as much as others believe in me?
  • I know I should really be kinder to myself
  • I wish I didn't feel as if I was on a constant treadmill that keeps getting faster!
  • I don't know where to start - my dream seems so huge, so unachievable? How am I supposed to make it happen when I can barely get to the end of the day in one piece?!

If any of these are familiar, then Stepping Up Live is just what you need...

  • Stepping Up has been an incredibly helpful, uplifting and inspiring experience - thank you so much Amanda. Not only have I learnt a lot about myself and what has been holding me back for so long, but I have had the privilege to share the journey with 11 amazing, supportive women.
    Jane G

The simple path to positive change...

confidence and self-belief coaching programme for women

As a Coach, this is what I do: 

  • Raise your self-awareness so that you can make better choices that move you forward (rather than hold you back).  Awareness is the precursor to choice!
  • Equip you with a “toolkit” of techniques to make you more courageous, stronger, more positive, more resilient, happier and more confident.
  • Help you to identify positive and sustainable new habits to replace the bad old ones.

And this is what I, and my 3 specially chosen colleagues, are going to do on Friday 4th March at Stepping Up Live in Birmingham.

  • It’s been such a life changing experience on so many levels!
    Kim Plummer

Here's what we'll do together in one fantastic, inspirational day

1. Grow your courage and confidence

No doubt about it sister! You’re going to need courage and confidence to step up. You need to know who you really are, but that’s no good unless you have the courage to truly BE who you are. We start here.

2. Squash your self-doubt

Self-doubt is responsible for so many dreams never becoming reality. We’ll take you through a powerful process you can use again and again to keep those mind monkeys at bay. This is positive mindset training on steroids

3. Get focus and clarity

You’ll roll up your sleeves and get stuck in! We’ll help you to get clear on what you need to do, how to get yourself focused and create a simple plan to put it all into action. It’s all very well being motivated. But nothing changes unless you take action. And we are action women!

4. Find the time and motivation to step up

We’ll help you to identify what sucks up your time and what drains you. And you’ll learn how to incorporate more of what floats your boat, lifts your skirt and simply makes you SMILE. Of course, we understand that there’s more stuff to do than hours in the day. We understand the kids still need to be fed. But we also know that you’ve only got one shot at your life. It’s time for you to get on with that life in glorious technicolour. You’ll learn how to be really productive even in a world that never stops.

5. Keep you positive through the ups and downs

We’ll show you how to keep moving forward, even on your sad, mad or downright bad days. We’ll teach you the essence of being resilient – so much more than bounce-back-ability!

6. Create the most incredible support network

You’ll actually do this yourself, by meeting other fabulous, professional women at Stepping Up Live. Amanda’s personal clients have already booked their seats on Stepping Up. They are academics, scientists, sales directors, consultants, lawyers, HR Managers and more. They are friendly, real, talented and flawed – just like you. Just like me! Together, we are stronger. Together we achieve more. Fact.

7. Emerge from the day ready to step up

The World needs women to step up, so we want this to be a transformational day for you. Our guarantee is this: You will come out of Stepping Up thinking “Wow! What a ride!” You will come out of Stepping Up with more clarity and your next steps. You will have more self-belief, more confidence, more courage. You will be ready to STEP UP!

  • "It feels like I have finally come full circle. I am starting to get back to being ME.  I am no longer willing to put myself and my skills on the back burner just because I am afraid of what people think. Stepping up has helped me to move forwards and has meant more to me that I can ever explain. Thank you Amanda for making all this possible and thank you to all my fabulous fellow Stepping Up members who have inspired and encouraged me.  Onwards and upwards!”
    Maria B

 Allow me to introduce myself...

Amanda Alexander PCCMy name is Amanda Alexander. I’ve been around for a while as a Coach! :) - almost 14 years.

I've been awarded Coach Mentor of the Year in the Women Inspiring Women Awards.  I’ve been lauded and applauded and all that jazz. I’m certified as a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF. I'm a Sage Business Expert, I blog for people like the ICF, Ever Coach and the Huff Post. I have coached people across the globe and my practice spans life coaching to corporate/executive coaching and mentor coaching for other coaches.

But the most important thing is that you need to know about me is that I'm committed to helping talented women like you to achieve their true potential.  

Here are the 6 main outcomes we want for you from  Stepping Up Live

stepping up live outcomes

  • The huge difference for me as a result of the stepping up programme is that I have realised that I have a lot of self confidence.
    Sarah F

Meet your Stepping Up Coaches!

We've each shot a video to introduce ourselves and to give you an overview of what you'll learn from us during Stepping Up LIVE!...

Amanda Alexander

Your Stepping Up Courage and Confidence Coach

  "I'm going to give you a great big (compassionate) kick up the backside, so that you can get out of your own way and get on with it!"

Caroline Ferguson

Your Stepping Up Mindset Coach 

"I'll show you how to identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and build a mindset that serves you better."

After 20+ years working as a leadership communications specialist, Caroline Ferguson retrained as a 
Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and Mindset Trainer. She specialises in teaching professional 
women how to beat the limiting beliefs, low self-worth and unhelpful habits that hold them back. 


Her unique mindset toolkit equips potential female leaders with the skills to become more resilient and 
solution-focused so that they can deliver their full, extraordinary impact. 

Claire Portis

Your Stepping Up "Make it Happen" Coach

"I'm on a mission to stamp out stuck by giving you the clarity, focus,confidence and action steps you need to make it happen!"

Claire’s background before coaching was in the world of magazine publishing. Having dealt with large 
teams and some of the world’s biggest media and consumer brands for over 20 years and as a working mum of 3 teenagers, she’s well aware of the daily challenges most of us face in balancing work and life! 

Claire’s philosophy is that it really is possible to do anything you set your mind to and her process of 
change revolves around 3 key steps - Knowing what you want, believing you can get it and working 
out how to get it. She is brilliant at getting to the heart of an issue and breaking it down into simple steps.

Grace Marshall

Your Stepping Up Productivity Coach

"I’ll show you real world productivity tactics to step up NOW, so you don't have to wait for when you have more time.

An Author, Coach and ‘Productivity Ninja’, Grace specialises in helping people find ways of doing their
best work with less stress and overwhelm, and more fun, focus and fulfilment. She is also a qualified NLP practitioner
 and DiSC facilitator, and a mum of two.

Grace is the author of two books: The Amazon bestselling “21 Ways to Manage the Stuff That Sucks Up
Your Time” and “How to be Really Productive: Achieving clarity and getting results in a world where work never ends” published by Pearson.

  • After over a year of deliberating, I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone and made the first step. I've set up a marketing meeting with a graphic designer next week to discuss my brand and website ideas, enrolled on the Natwest business course and told my manager than I am planning to set my own business up by Sept! Eeeeeeeeek!!!! Now it's all real! The most amazing thing was telling my family... I have a new partner who is so supportive, and my parents almost cried with relief saying they were glad I was getting out of the rat race and following my dreams at last! A little bit scary but suddenly it is real and possible which is exciting! 
    Caroline E

stepping up live

Your Stepping Up Executive Summary

Stepping Up Live is a one-day event for women who are fed up with playing small, fed up with doubting themselves and who want to be inspired, motivated and shown how to make the changes they crave. 

Stepping up LIVE is the in-person, super charged LIVE version of the coaching programme I created in 2014. The results that the Stepping Up programme gradutes experienced surpassed even my expectations. So I've decided to make it even better by doing it FACE TO FACE!

It's a day where you'll be coached, encouraged and supported.  You'll get strategies and short-cuts that you can take away and use again and again.  And you'll create a plan with your first steps. It's a day of inspiration and motivation for talented women who want to “step up”.

The event will be facilitated by me, Amanda Alexander and 3 of my favourite coaches - each of whom I have chosen because they are incredibly talented, have high integrity and really care about helping other women to step up.  Oh.. and they know how to have FUN!

You’ll come out of Stepping Up live with everything you need to step up - in your career, in your business, in your LIFE.

And perhaps best of all, this will be a networking event you'll love.  On Stepping Up LIVE, you'll spend a whole day with a bunch of brilliant, like-minded women. I can almost guarantee you'll make some great friends on this event who will become part of your own Stepping Up Support Team.

Speaking of guarantees...

I'm so committed, so passionate about Stepping Up Live, that I'm offering a money-back guarantee. If you come out of Stepping Up Live and you don't feel inspired and motivated, just let me know and I'll refund your money. I understand you are investing your money and your time.  I can't refund your time, but I can assure you that Claire, Grace, Caroline and I are committed to serving you to the best of our ability on 4th March in Birmingham.

  • Thank you so much for all the support, encouragement and wonderful coaching that you did with me. Being clear on my skills, strengths and values helped me to put them across succinctly and positively and 'step up'. I am being brave, being bold and it feels fantastic. Thank you.
    Claire B
Book your place on Stepping Up Live

10 am to 4pm, HSBC Edmund Street, Birmingham

stepping up with Amanda Alexander  

What Would You Do if You Believed You Could Achieve Anything?

You might have a goal that is something like one of these:

  • Achieve that promotion you really want at work
  • Go for your dream job. (You might be holding yourself back because you don’t believe you can or you might be scared that you won’t be able to find your dream job AND get the flexibility you need for your lifestyle)
  • Quit your job and set up your own business
  • Go for a big, lifelong goal – something you’ve never really shared with anyone because it’s just so outrageous or blush-worthy

What if you could?  Well, you really CAN. But whatever your reason for Stepping Up, you're going to need courage, confidence, resilience, clarity, self-belief, determination, support, focus... and a plan. Stepping Up Live is the event that helps you with exactly those things.

So come and join us, Friday 4th March, at the HSBC Offices in Birmingham, from 10 am to 4pm.   Your ticket is just £97, but they are strictly limited. We have only 45 seats. 15 have already been booked by my private clients.  So please don't delay - tickets will sell out! Claire, Caroline, Grace and I are genuinely excited about meeting you on Stepping Up Live.

So go ahead and reserve your seat for just £97 now! You'll be so glad you did!   amanda real signature

  • I joined Stepping UP because I wanted to build resilience and get more confidence and get clear on options for changing my job.  I am now braver, I love myself and I focus on the positive. I dream big now...I'm living more in line with my values. I allow myself to shine and I'm kinder to myself. I'm proud of my strengths rather than apologetic or overly humble. My family have noticed I'm happier, more confident, stronger and more "me"
    Claire B

Logistics and FAQs

  • Where is Stepping Up Live?

    HSBC BANK PLC UK, 120 Edmund Street, Birmingham, B3 1QZ

  • I'm driving. Where can I park?

    The best carpark is the multistorey car park at Snow Hill train station. Parking is approx £12 per day and you either need to pay by cash or you can pay via the 'parkmobile' app. The address is Snowhill Car Park, Birmingham Livery Street Birmingham B3 2BJ

  • Is lunch provided?

    No, lunch is not provided. I have kept the price as low as possible so that you can attend Stepping Up Live without cost being a major issue. We will have an hour for lunch and you can head to a cafe in Birmingham, pick up sandwiches or bring your own.

  • Will there be more Stepping Up Live events?

    We really hope so! We're very excited about Stepping Up Live and we believe we can help you to make big transformations in your career and your life with the event. We are starting small and we'll see what the demand is!

  • I'm coming by train. Is the location near a station?

    Both Birmingham New Street and Birmingham Snow Hill train stations are within walking distance to Edmund Street..

  • Are refreshments provided?

    Yes, tea, coffee and water will be provided.

  • I'm quite shy/an introvert. I'm feeling nervous about attending this..

    I understand that and it's always intimidating attending an event if you don't know anyone. All I can say is that you need the courage to walk in the room. Once you've done that, I promise you will find a very warm, welcoming group of woman. You will feel comfortable very quickly. And of course, you are welcome to share Stepping Up Live with your colleagues and friends and bring a friend.

  • What is your refund policy?

    There are no refunds, but you are welcome to transfer your ticket to someone else if you can't attend through illness or unexpected circumstances. Alternatively, we will offer you a seat at our next Stepping Up Live event free of charge.

  • I have another question that I need answering..

    Of course! Email us: and we'll be delighted to help!

Buy your ticket now!

Book your place on Stepping Up Live

10 am to 4pm, HSBC Edmund Street, Birmingham