The 3 Things You Need to Practise to Change Your Life

By amandaalexander | Business

“Every dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Unknown

I like the 3 words strength, patience and passion appearing in this quote altogether. You rarely see the word patience mentioned in the same sentence as passion – but it’s an important one for us to remember.

Passion is essential to create change and reach for the stars and all that good stuff. But, contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t perform miracles by itself. You can’t just be passionate about something and expect it all to fall into place.

You need STRENGTH – to keep going, when the going get tough, because it will, because that’s the nature of life.

And you need PATIENCE, because sometimes it feels as if you’ve had to be strong for too flippin’ long….

When will things turn around?
When will your circumstances improve?
How much more do you have to put up with before it gets easier?
Will you EVER be able to make a difference?

The PASSION bit is the spark – it’s where the desire to make a difference – in your own life or in the wider world – starts.

Here’s my theory – If you ain’t got no passion, I think it’s likely that one thing needs your attention – YOU. You can’t be passionate about anything if you’re worn down, depressed, knackered, being unkind to yourself, dislike yourself. Easier said than done, but if this is the case, you need to take really good care of yourself.

Once you’ve put extreme self-care as your no. 1 priority – we all know what to do, we all know when we’re not – then you can start to raise your eyes above the horizon of just surviving, of merely plodding along.

Sometimes in life, plodding along is all you can do – we all have our plodding periods – don’t kid yourself that you’re the only one. So when you find yourself in one of those plodding phases, it really is important to look after no. 1 first. It’s not BS, it’s the TRUTH!

According to me, anyway.

The nifty thing is, it takes STRENGTH to build yourself up when you’re in that plodding phase, so by gently lifting yourself, you’ll prove to yourself that you are strong – and that will raise your confidence and increase your hope and one day, you’ll find that your plodding has turned to – oooh, let’s say – a speed walk. And one day, you’ll find yourself hot to trot. And what this means is – your STRENGTH muscle is waking up.

PASSION will be a mere trot around the corner..

But hang on. You’re not finished yet. Once the passion and strength is in place, you’ll need even more PATIENCE, because the road to change has lots of twisty turny bits, potholes and unexpected detours. Quite frankly, it can feel like it’s never going to end. BUT, probably when you’re least expecting it, when you’ve got the passion, the strength and the patience firmly in place, you’ll discover that one of the unexpected detours leads to you finding your dream AND daring to reach for the stars.

Here endeth the #brainfart

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