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Are you Superwoman or a Busy Fool?

By amandaalexander | Mindset

“I’m feeling overwhelmed with so much to do at home and work. I have a big proposal that needs to be in tomorrow and then I have a presentation to prepare before Tuesday with Monday already full with stuff, so if I don’t get a move on I will be working the weekend which I […]

Reach out… and then get on with it!

By amandaalexander | Friendship

I was like a pressure cooker maxing out… I’d kept on going. I’d slogged my guts out and felt as if I wasn’t getting anywhere. I had worked long and hard, not had enough sleep and it felt that life was always accelerating, forcing me to do more and more, faster and faster. I suspect […]

Once in a While, You Just Want to Be Heard

By amandaalexander | Stress

via GIPHY I had a session with my own Coach this afternoon. She started in the usual way: “What are your goals for today’s session?” I thought for a long time.. I wasn’t sure. I almost felt too tired to speak, let alone make the mental effort to articulate a GOAL! Eventually I replied, “I […]

Is Addiction to Drama Fuelling your Stress?

By amandaalexander | Stress

 How do you react when you feel aggrieved? Perhaps you’ve discovered that you’ve been the object of some unpleasant gossip? Maybe your boss has behaved in an objectionable way yet again? Your partner hasn’t answered is phone and you’ve tried several times? So you work yourself up into a frenzy, imagining the worst. It is […]